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The Blue Water experience: Hunting for the majestic yellow tuna

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

About 20 kilometers from Cabo San Lucas, we found a magnificent pelagic fish recognized for its fast and elegant maneuvers in the water. For Spearos, it is a challenge for its impressive display of speed and agility.

The creature has a spindle-shaped, muscular body that facilitates propulsion and possesses powerful caudal fins, which enable it to accelerate rapidly. These traits make it a formidable predator of smaller fishes, squid, and crustaceans. They are fast and constantly swimming, making it difficult to catch and test the free-diving fisherman's ability.

Their caudal and pectoral fins have a distinctive yellow color that makes them easily recognizable and adds a touch of beauty to their graceful movement in the water. We are referring to the yellowtail tuna (Thunnus albacares), a species that, in our experience, we find along the coast of Baja California Sur.

By studying its behavior, we learn that it typically submerges to depths greater than 250 meters. Still, it remains within the 10-meter depth range for 10 minutes, making it challenging to spot during Spearfishing. According to the observations, the best season for this behavior is from May to September, with the month of closest approach to the surface being July.

Although Guy Yocom holds the world record for yellow tuna in Cabo San Lucas, with a weight of 193.68 kilograms, this was thanks to pole fishing. For Spearfishing, the closest ones known are those of Jay Riffe on San Benedicto Island, 200 kilometers south of Los Cabos, with a specimen of 126.04 kilograms in 1991 and that of Mark Barville in 1996, with a model of 118.04 kilograms in the vicinity of the Revillagigedo Islands, 540 kilometers from Cabo San Lucas.

Yellowfin tuna hunting requires a lot of patience and swimming in blue waters, resulting in a test of skill and stamina, where the preparation and experience of the fisherman, the guide, and the crew are fundamental. It generally requires more than one spear, long swim in the water, and a lot of luck to find it.

If you want to go after yellowfin tuna, please find us at Spearfishing Brothers. We cannot guarantee that we will see a copy in mode, but we do guarantee that we have the best security methods and techniques to ensure the best experience. And, of course, our best effort.

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