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12 years of experience

Yellow tail speared down in Cabo San Lucas

Spearfishing Brothers was created out of our shared passion for the underwater world. It drives us to share our expertise and skills, providing you with an exceptional experience as you learn and enhance your abilities in this realm. Our aim is to convey our perspective on spearfishing not only as a sport but as a way of life-means of responsibly sourcing food while fostering a deep connection with nature. We invite individuals to join us in discovering the art of sustainable harvesting in our very own backyard.

Our Professional Crew


Luis 1

With 12 years of underwater experience, Luis is a freediving instructor, experienced spearfishing guide, rescue diver and a passionate camera man

Luis 2

He was an audio engineer who turned into a spear fisherman and marine biologist. He started training with his brother and moved to La Paz to follow his passion.

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