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Emerging Spearfishing Brothers

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

So, this has been officially our first week as the Spearfishing Brothers charters!

We have started scouting new hunting grounds for our upcoming trips at the end of the week. Luis 2 was out in La Paz, searching for yellowtail, while Luis 1 was in Cabo, exploring new unexplored areas due to the high fishing pressure in the well-known areas around San Lucas.

Normally, these summer months should bring cold water and bad visibility, which doesn't mean there is no fish. It actually brings in great schools of yellowtail, amberjack, grouper, and snapper. But this year, conditions have been different, with warm water and great visibility being constant in the last few weeks. Taking advantage of that, we decided to go out and look for not only the 'normal' species we could see this season but also the pelagics that enjoy the warmer and clear water.

In La Paz, Luis 2 was able to find nice schools of yellowtail and bring some back home. He also reported some dorado and wahoo action around the hunting areas he frequently visits for other kinds of species. In San Lucas, the story was not so different, we found new hunting grounds where we found big amberjacks, yellowtail, and mahi-mahi. But the most exciting encounter was finding a school of tunas not so far from where we were hunting, of course, we decided to visit that area for a couple of days to see how they were reacting and moving.

After the scouting we had our first trip. In Los Cabos, we had the visit of Hunter, who besides seeing and landing some nice amberjacks, was able to land a beautiful 27 kg Gulf grouper. The fish activity is just starting to be on fire. Hopefully, next week we will have new adventures and beautiful captures to share with our guests and families.

spearfishing a gulf grouper
Capain Juanito picking a Gulf grouper

spear fishermen in Cabo San Lucas
Luis and Hunter preparing to do deep dives

Speared amberjack in baa california sur
first catch of the day

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